Untitled (IX)

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Artist Anuradha Thakur

Acrylic and Ink on Canvas

48  X 48 Inches

Original Artwork 

Shipped in rolled format, unless rolling not possible

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  • About The Artist
Anuradha Thakur, a graduate in Fine Arts, entered into her tryst with tribal people in her childhood in Maharashtra. Fascinated by the paintings of tribal women by Amrita Sher Gil during her diploma, her interactions with tribal people began when she organized art workshops for them in different areas of Maharashtra, which gave her valuable insights into their life and they became the subject of her work. She has since created several series of paintings based on tribal people, traveling to remote parts of Maharashtra, Gujarat , Jhabua, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh & Northeast India. Anuradha’s paintings portray, at once, the tribal culture rooted in tradition and the tribal life ever blossoming in accordance with the realities of existence. These paintings mainly focus on the rituals that create a bonding whether it be for newly  weds or for the community. 
Her signature style is the use of black and white that define strength complemented by earthen colours that subdue the black, bringing to life the delicate emotions. Black, here, represents the strength and sense of community that the people enhance by holding on to tradition and the earthern hues reflect the diversity of individual experience and expression. The use of black is generally considered to be heavy, hard and difficult to balance - but the way in which Anuradha uses it renders to it a lightness and grace in just the same way as the peculiarity of dance forms, the footwork, the costumes, the hairdo, the prints, decorations, ornaments and musical instruments, though varied, drum the common rhythm.The textures, patterns, forms, shapes and hues represent the regional flavor of traditional art from the different areas of India and their combination is such that the rawness and dignity of tribal life are juxtaposed to create a spontaneous pleasing expression. 
Her recent laurels include:
- Felicitated as one of the 100 women Achievers of the country by the Ministry of Women and Child Development, (2016)
- Display of her painting 'Ethnic Serendipity' at the Prime Minister's office, New Delhi (2015)
- Featured in art magazine 'Punto and Aparte', Argentina (2015)
- Featured in art magazine 'Les Nouvelles de I’Inde', Paris (2014)
- Festive Rhythm series painting was chosen to represent India in a CFM calendar featuring artists from 12 countries
Over the years, Anuradha has held 22 solo and 25 group shows spread across India as well as Paris, Chicago, Boston, Bulgaria, and Dubai, some of which are: 
- 'Untouched hues', Let Art Work Gallery, Pune (2017)
- 'Innate Folkore', Park Hyatt, Hyderabad (2017)
- 'Untouched Hues', Lassya Art Gallery, California (2016)        
- 'Innate Folklore', Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai (2016)
- 'Ethnic Serendipity', Park Hyatt , Hyderabad (2015)
- 'Ethnic Expedition', Punjab Lalitkala Academi, Chandigarh (2015)
- 'Rhythm and Harmony', Gallery Myriane, Paris (2014)
- 'Earthen Harmony', K T Kala Art Gallery, Amritsar (2014)
- 'Serene Harmony', India International Centre, New Delhi (2013)                      
- 'Traditional Beats', Lalitkala Academy, Delhi (2012)
- 'Transcending Rhythm’, Art2 day Gallery, Pune (2012)
- 'Rhythm Within', Amdavadni Gufa, Ahemadabad (2011) 
- 'Rhythm Of The Seasons', at Gallerie Leela, Mumbai (2010)
- 'Rhythm Of The Seasons', The Corner House, Hyderabad (2010)
- 'Festive Rhythm”, Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai (2009)
- 'Festive Rhythm', Indiaart Gallery, Pune (2009)  
- 'Music of Life', India art Gallery, Pune (2006)
- 'Music of Life', Lakshana Art Gallery, Bangalore (2005)
- 'Autumn’s Harmony',Sun & Sand, Pune (2003)
Group Shows: 
- International Roerich Memorial Trust, Himachal Pradesh (2015)
- Atrium Galleria, Hyderabad (2015)  
- Novotel, Hyderabad (2015)    
- Ninth Annual Chicago Gala, Chicago (2014)  
- 8th Annual New England Gala, Boston (2014)   
- 80th All India Exhibition of Indian Academy of Fine Arts, Amritsar (2014)  
- 'Wake up your walls', City Centre, Bulgaria (2012)            
- 'Frames of India-2', Pegasus Art Gallery, Hyderabad (2011)    
- 'Canvas of India-Feb', Kalanirvana Art Center, Hyderabad (2011)  
- 'A Journey of Expressions', State Art Gallery, Hyderabad (2010)    
- 'A Journey of Expressions', Abstract Art Gallery, Bangalore (2010)   
- 'A Journey of Expressions', Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur (2010)       
- 'Amalgamation', Kala Academy, Goa (2010)       
- 'Different Palettes', Art Entrance, Mumbai (2007) 
- India art Gallery & Art2day Gallery, Pune (2007)    
- 'Colours Of Life', Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai (2006)  
- 'Art for Water, Water for Life', Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai (2006)     
- 'Symphony', Lakshana Art Gallery, Hyderabad (2006)
- 'Black & White, White & Black', Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai (2004)  
She has also received the following awards: 
- 'Artist of The Year' award by 'We group and Punjab Lalitkala Academy', Chandigarh (2016)
- 'Punjab Art Council and We group' National Award for painting, Chandigarh (2016)
- CVM National award for painting, Vallabhnagar, Gujarat (2015)