Watercolour Journey by Ramesh Jhawar

Location : Mumbai
Date of Event: 30th Jan 2018 to 05th Feb 2018
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Ramesh Jhawar is bringing his upcoming art exhibition at Jehangir Art Gallery in Mumbai.

Having worked with multiple mediums before coming back to watercolour, technically, his paintings are rooted in the Impressionistic Realism as he depicts people, places, seasons and times of the day as they actually appear. Like all the old masters and contemporary Greats of this genre, it is light which is of paramount importance in his work. There is a dreamy i.....

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Innovative Abstractions

Location : Mumbai
Date of Event: 02nd Jan 2018 to 08th Jan 2018
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Artist Reba Mandal is bringing her next art show 'Innovative Abstractions' at Jehangir Art Gallery from 2nd January, 2018 to 8th January, 2018.

Born and brought up in Kolkata, artist Reba Mandal has displayed her works on canvas in various eminent galleries, including Jehangir Art Gallery, Kolkata Academy of Fine Arts, and Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath, at more than 19 art exhibitions all over India. As an artist, Reba has exem.....

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Lust for love : A Solo Art Show by Dinkar Jadhav

Location : Mumbai
Date of Event: 25th Dec 2017 to 31st Dec 2017
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Artist Dinkar Jadhav is bringing his next art show 'Lust for Love' at Jehangir Art Gallery from 25th December, 2017 to 31st December, 2017.

Dinkar Jadhav has established himself as an artist who dares to walk on the path less trodden. His journey to these romantic yet challenging places of creative excellence began with the Ashwa Chitramala - the horse series few years back, which met with success and admiration equally. There w.....

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Grace by Artist Rajendra Dagade

Location : Mumbai
Date of Event: 28th Nov 2017 to 04th Dec 2017
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Artist Rajendra Dagade is hosting his upcoming art show, 'Grace', at the famous Jehangir Art Gallery in Mumbai from 28th November, 2017 to 4th December, 2017.

Rajendra is a talented artist hailing from the outskirts of Mumbai. The open country and its soulful life has had a tremendous influence on his work through the years. Rajendra’s work depicts the everyday activities of rural life. His characteristic style and brush strokes bring out both facets.....

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Location : Mumbai
Date of Event: 04th Oct 2017 to 10th Oct 2017
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Celebrating the National Wildlife Week 2017,  Kedar Bhide brings his first solo photography exhibition - Top, Bottom & Everything in Between to Jehangir Art Gallery. Spending days photographing in the sub-zero temperatures of Ladakh, drenched in the monsoons of Western Ghats, lost in the impenetrable rain-forests of the North-East or soaked in t.....

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Inner Vision

Location : New Delhi
Date of Event: 06th Sep 2017 to 10th Sep 2017
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Three Aces is presenting the fourth edition of Inner Vision at Open Palm Court Gallery (India Habitat Centre, New Delhi)- a group show offering an excellent combination of abstract, semi-abstract and figurative expression. 'Inner Vision' ideates the concept of taking forward artist's inner th.....

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Kalidasa: Timeless Colours

Location : Mumbai
Date of Event: 22nd Aug 2017 to 28th Aug 2017
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Dr. Bharti Jain's deep understanding of Kalidasa’s timeless work, set in the utopian work of Alkapuri, Hastinapur and Himalaya is vividly and elegantly expressed in this series, which has also become one of her most admired painting series. The protagonists in her paintings are inspired from Kalidasa’s work, such as Shakuntala, Shankar, Parvati and Yaksha. Occupied in the dazz.....

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